Open Chest Power Series Interview With Monika Deol

South Asian representation in mainstream North American culture and industry is quite prevalent today. Gone are the days when seeing a brown face on television was an anomaly. We live in an era, now, where the millenials and Gen-Z have many role models to look up to. But that was not always the case.  Rewind to the end of the previous millenium when the only recognizable South Asians were people like motivational guru


Enhance Your Indian Cuisine With A Trip To Virginia's Narmada Winery

Ever wondered what kind of wine paired well with butter chicken? Narmada Winery owners Sudha and Pandit Patil can tell you without even blinking. Sitting on 51 acres of beautiful rolling countryside in Virginia, Narmada Winery offers the best in quality wine and Indian dining. With Virginia being home to an astounding 267 wineries, Narmada Winery in Rappahannock County has racked up an i


Actor Vas Saranga Is The Millennials' Leading Man

Vas Saranga knew acting was his true calling in high school, where he realized his love for film. His determination and hard work eventually scored him a role on a Disney show, which opened the door to many of his other big acting breaks.   “I enjoyed being in front of the camera more than being behind it and decided that the best way for me to be a storyteller was by becoming an actor,” he recalls. Born in C


Must-Note Thanksgiving Prep Tips & Recipes By T-Fal

*Sponsored Post* Thanksgiving is around the corner and it's time to get your festive plans organized. Get off on the right foot with some key Thanksgiving prep tips and recipes from T-Fal!  T-Fal makes thanksgiving easy by just picking up a few of their nifty gadgets. Th


  • Gurinder Chadha’s Personal Quest To Make “Viceroy’s House”

    The noted director recalls why she felt her latest film,  Viceroy's House, needed to be made. It all started with her appearance on the BBC television show ...


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