Singer Satinder Sartaaj Makes Film Debut In The Black Prince

We talk to Satinder Sartaaj about The Black Prince, a sweeping historical epic spotlighting the under-told saga of a fascinating figure from India's past.  He’s one of the most intriguing, but least explored figures in Indian history. Duleep Singh, the last Maharajah of Punjab. As a boy, in the mid-19th century, he lost his throne during the Anglo-Sikh War, and was exiled to England, baptized as a Christian and raised


IIFA Awards 2017: Behind The Scenes Of Bollywood's Biggest Night

The biggest night in Indian cinema took place in New York earlier this month. Check out our fave moments as we take you behind the scenes of IIFA Awards 2017, Bollywood's biggest night. At the 18th edition of the IIFA Awards, Bollywood’s finest actors were awarded for their work in film for the past year. Taking over New York city were some of the best, fr


What Do Women Want When Dating Long-Term?

Men! Women are simpler than you think. I explore this concept with dating and relationship coach Christine Hart to really answer the age-old question: what do women want when dating long-term?  Men are consistently baffled when trying to figure out the female species. What does she really want? How will I ever figure it out? Can I actually deliver on what she wants? Well, today’s blog is going to reveal some valuable insights if yo


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