Open Chest Power Series Interview With Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is one of my idols. Growing up amidst the female role models of the 1940s to the 1990s (those who influenced my understanding of what women were meant to be), both from the West, where I have lived all of my life, to the East, where my heritage resides, the most fascinating of them all where the glamazons — those who had the guts to be as flamboyant as was possible. I didn’t realize until much later on in life that these wom


Do You Need To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions?

You’re fine just the way you are. Forget your New Year's resolutions.  The clock strikes midnight and infused in the celebrations, millions of people across the globe excitedly declare that with the start of a new year, they will focus on evolving into an even better version of themselves with their seemingly obligatory list of New Year's resolutions. Are New Year's resolutions kept throughout the year?


How To Maintain A Loving Relationship After Divorce

Divorce does not have to be an ugly process. You do have a choice to take a more peaceful and healthier path that will allow you to maintain loving relationships around you. The concept of a healthy divorce is novel to families in the South Asian community. Divorce is perceived as a break up of the family unit and hence runs against the cultural values that the community holds. Such views prevent open conversations on how to end a rel


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