Direct From The UK Singer Shapla Salique Knows "No Boundaries"

The British-Bangladeshi soul/pop/funk/folk singer talks letting her eclectic influences run wild on her aptly titled album. For many of us, finding our calling is a struggle, rife with false starts and dead ends, before the right path finally reveals itself — if it ever reveals itself at all. For Shapla Salique, the search lasted abo


Taking In The Global Airport Art Scene

Havens of comfort — or extreme anxiety — for travellers, airports are increasingly being truss up to work as destinations themselves.  We ask the question: are airports the art galleries of today? We think so! Joining the ranks of the world’s most live-able and entertaining airports is Mumbai’s T2, which also hosts India’s largest public art program. Cake on arrival? Limo drop? A cudd


Examining Cultural Conflicts In The Home

Imagine coming to a new country. Your old way of life is gone. Now you have a new one to adapt to. How do people here think? What’s considered normal? How should I act?   It’s your old mentality versus the new one. But you’re young, so you still have some growing to do. But your parents? Their ways are pretty much set in stone.   So while you may have left the old country, the old country h


Dipa Karmakar: First Female Gymnast Vaulting India Into The History Books

As Dipa Karmakar represents India this year in the 2016 Olympics, we take a look at why Karmakar’s success has such a huge impact on Indian sports. The first Indian female gymnast to win a medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, a bronze medal at the Asian Cha


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