Globally Chic Jewelry Designer Rosena Sammi's Red Light Mission

Jewelry designer Rosena Sammi's latest collection holds plenty of heart with the focus of helping children from India's red light district.  Since launching in 2006, this New York-based lawyer-turned-designer of Sri Lankan heritage has made quite the mark. Rosena Sammi was named a "designer to know" by Harper's Bazaar, has appeared on


Ditch Your Resolutions And Focus On Your Core Desires!

Have you started your New Year's resolutions yet? No? Well good, because you shouldn't.    In the state of newness and excitement that comes along with ringing in the new year, have you set resolutions for yourself (possibly while you were enjoying drunken bliss on New Year's Eve) only to find that you’re beating yourself up for it by February because you haven’t


The Origins And History Of Yoga

So you can do the downward dog. Well, good for you. But can you give us the definite answer of where yoga came from? We delve into the history of this revered regiment.  We all know yoga. Or some form of it. However what hasn't really been discussed as of late is where this practice actually came from. So we decided to give ourselves a much needed refresher course on the origins of yoga. So where did it begin?


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