Self-Care Sept Part 2: Take-Charge Tools For Self-Care

We’ve all been there. There are some days when we seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. We miss a bus, forget an important document, we’re late for an appointment, lose track of time, and things just seem to go from bad to worse. The next time you have one of those days, there are ways to reconnect with yourself and turn things around. Dr. Monica Vermani is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in treating trauma, stress an


You Won't Believe These Obstacles Women Face When Trying To Have A Baby In India

When it comes to trying to conceive, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. One's health, age and of course the financial ability to be able to take care of the newborn are usually at the top of the list. However in India, trying to have a baby presents itself with additional obstacles: dealing with cultural resistance when it comes to infertility and surrogacy on one hand and — depending on where you live — the added


Self-Care September Part One: How To Set An Intention Of Better Self-Care

September is here. And that means back to school, back to business, and back to work. What better time to get back to basics than the fresh start that September ushers in? Let’s declare September ‘Self-care’ month with intention.  This month we will be focusing on how to reboot, refresh or revitalize our self-care. Together we can take caring for ourselves — mind, body, and spirit — to a whole new level. There’s no ti


Mindful Ways To Help You Transition To The Classroom

Now that online classes may be a thing of the past, with vast majority of students opting to go back to in-person learning, being able to transition to the classroom culture after 18 months of remote learning can be daunting. Here are mindful ways for learners of all ages to get prepared for this school year in our new normal.  With continued uncertainty about so many things, one thing that’s for certain is that the school experien


  • Highlights From Calgary Pride’s Exclusive Interview With Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil The World’s First Openly Gay Prince

    Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, most notably recognized as the world’s first openly gay prince, virtually chats with ...


  • Here's How To Put The Past Where It Belongs

    When it comes to the past, we’ve all been there… caught in the negative loops of replaying past hurts, regrets, and disappointments. But the past is just the past, and that’s exactly where it belongs. It’s important to move forward, and be present in our life. Let’s explore how we can ...


  • This Is What You Need To Know About Personal Chemistry

    Finding that undefinable spark with a new partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We don’t know how to describe it or how we’ll find it, but we’re certain we’ll know it when it comes along. Let’s look at the laws of attraction and explore what personal chemistry truly is. W ...


  • 4 Hot Sept 2021 Back To School Tech Gadgets That You Need Now

    Back to school means new tech releases from some epic brands!   Samsung Galaxy A52 5G [caption id="attachment_440030" align= ...


  • Swipe Right If Vaxxed? Tips On How To Navigate The New Dating World

    If you online dated during the pandemic or are resurfacing now curious to see what's out there, the new normal is something to consider. With vaccinations rolling out, platforms are starting to include vaccination status in their profiles. What if the person you want to swipe on hasn't listed th ...


  • Step Back In Time With Partition Era Cuisine At 1947 London

    We continue our dine-in and takeaway culinary tour and now we visit 1947 London ...


  • This Is How To Stop Numbing Your Feelings And Let Go Of Past Hurts

    Life is a series of experiences. Some make us feel loved, appreciated, supported, and capable. These we label as good. Those experiences we label as bad fill us with shame, fear, anger, envy or dread, and leave us feeling, defeated, abandoned, unloved, and alone. Rather than process and let go o ...


  • Your Schemas: Understanding Maps Of Information We Create Throughout Our Lives

    We’ve all got them. We use them every day. We revise and make new ones all the time. Some of them help us, and some of them do more harm than good. Let’s explore schemas, how they work for us, how they sometimes get in the way, and what we can do to keep our schemas working for, rather than ...


  • Stop Selling Yourself Short By Getting Rid Of Your Self-Limiting Thoughts

    Often, without realizing it, we are our own worst enemies. We believe that we’re not smart enough, attractive enough, or worthy of what we want most in life. By understanding where our self-limiting beliefs come from and recognizing their negative impacts on our lives, we can start to overcome ...


  • Want Some Paan Ice Cream? Scooperb In London Has The Best Ice Cream Treats

    We continue to explore various dine-in and takeaway treats with a question: Do you love ice cream and desserts? Do you love trying ...


  • 4 Hot Tech Gadgets That Are Out This August 2021

    Get ready for the most epic tech gadgets releases for the month!   Fitbit Luxe [caption id="attachment_439741" align="aligncenter" width="719"] ...


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