Grill Up Some Indian Street Food Inspired Good Eats With These 4 Recipes

Give your BBQ some Desi flavour with a few creative spins on the traditional Indian street food. Go ahead and heat up that grill!    The Classic Grilled Corn (Bhuttas) [caption id="attachment_433808" align="aligncenter" width="604"]


4 Hot Tech Gadgets That Are Coming Out In August 2020

August is here and if you're looking for an upgrade, check out these hot tech gadgets that are hitting the markets this month!    LG Velvet 5G [caption id="attachment_433710" align="aligncenter" width="838"]


3 Ways To De-Stress With Getting Stressed About It

Sometimes we are so caught up on ways to de-stress that it in fact, becomes even more stressful. Here are ways to de-stress without getting stressed about it.  The popular catch phrase “the struggle is real” is relatable, because real life, is not a perfect life. Stress is a part of the human experience. If stress becomes chronic, it can cause a variety of mental and physical health problems so read on to learn why it’s importa


No Machine Needed! Be A Barista At Home With These 3-Step Coffee Recipes

Check out our 3-step recipes to coffee house faves. For iced versions, freeze a batch of the tea or coffee base (without milk) and add the ice cubes to the hot mixtures. Be a true artisan and no fancy coffee machine required!  Since working from home and social distancing from our favourite coffee houses has become such a big part of most of our worlds, learning to make some of our favourite java brews isn't that hard. Check out our


  • No Camp? No Problem! Tips To Give Your Kids A Camp Experience At Home

    COVID-19 continues to disrupt all schedules, this time cancelling the time honoured tradition of summer camp. In that spirit, here are are some ways that you can create that cool camp experience right at home!  Summer vacation has kicked off for students and many parents have (ever so g ...


  • Travel trends during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

    The Great Escape: What You Need To Know When Travelling During COVID-19

    For those who looking to escape, travel has definitely changed. This is what travelling during COVID-19 looks like.  Summer is here which means it is time to trave ...


  • Kickstart Your Way To Good Health With Kitchari!

    It's probably one of the most coveted comfort foods in our Desi cuisine. But did you know that Kitchari is packed with nutrients that your body needs? We've got all the goods on the Kitchari here (including doing a Kitchari cleanse!). So go ahead and kickstart your healthy ways with a solid bowl ...


  • Be A Backyard Beach Bum With These South Asian Summer Reads

    As the summer gets hotter and since we are still in the midst of a pandemic, throw up your feet in your backyard and grab a hot summer book to get back your groove. These fun, interesting and thoroughly entertaining books are just what will brighten up your summer days. Go go ahead chill with th ...


  • July 2020 Hot Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

    Check out these three July 2020 hot tech gadgets hitting the stores this month!  ...


  • Want A Getaway? Check Out These 6 Travel Movies That Will Give You A Wanderlust Vibe

    With travel restrictions still in place and not being able to travel this summer, many of us are experiencing travel withdrawals. Staring helplessly at our cute luggage tucked away in the corner might not be the only thing left to do. There are several Hollywood and Bollywood films that take you ...


  • Why Isn't Our Desi Community Ready To Accept South Asian Lesbians?

    With Pride Month coming to a close, we conclude our LGBTQIA+ - focused stories with our final and most poignant piece. We read a lot about the gay movement within the Indian diaspora and mainstream South Asian communities. However, when it comes to the South Asian lesbian community ...


  • Easy Breezy Summer Cocktail Recipes To Try At Home

    Cheers to some cool summer cocktail recipes a perfect way to kick off the first long weekend of the summer and beyond!  Summer's here and while patios are opening up, many still prefer to social distance and ...


  • 7 Mango Recipes You Can Try This Summer!

    You guys, it's mango season! To celebrate your mango love here are seven easy DIY recipes to help you enjoy the tropical fruit this summer! Well, you can thank us after trying them out!  There are two kinds of people in this world - the ones who eat mangoes like humans and the ones who ...


  • Here Are 8 Key Things You Can Do To Support The Trans Community

    Simple things such as learning the right terminologies, supporting transgender organizations, attending rallies, or learning the difference between the different gender groups can be a huge step towards supporting the trans community. Here are some key ways!  [caption id="attachment_433 ...


  • Make Your Dad Feel Like A Superstar With These Father's Day Gifts

    With Father's Day 2020 around the corner, we have curated a list of fantastic gift options for dad. Whether dad's a tech-loving guy, a fashio ...


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