Here's Why I Fell In Love With The Sea Views Of Southampton and Portsmouth

I wanted a quick trip to the seaside and discovered the marine beauty of Southampton and Portsmouth just a couple of hours drive from London UK. I needed a quick escape and I had no idea how gorgeous this part was. Here is what I did!  Southampton and Portsmouth are around a 2.5 hour drive from London and when you arrive you will feel like you are in another country, apart from the accent of course. There are a few ways to get the


Shree Krishna Vada Pav In London Celebrates India's Iconic Veggie Dishes

If you live in London and miss the street food of India then Shree Krishna Vada Pav is the place for you, it is also known lovingly as SKVP and there are a number of different stores including, Harrow, Hounslow, Birmingham, Slough and Ilford. The store I visited was in Hounslow and this is based on the busy high street, which is actually where it all started back in 2010. They offer a v


The Pope’s Apology: A Closer Look At His “Pilgrimage Of Penance"

Ever since the discovery of the first graveyard belonging to Canada’s infamous residential school in Kamloops in May 2021 – which sparked a nationwide search for more such findings, the Indigenous community has since been longing for a meeting with the head of The Catholic Church. There was a small yet vital delegation that did make its way to the Vatican for talks earlier this year. However, they wanted something more: a personal meeting


Want To Go To Marrakech? This Is What I Did

Morocco has a lot of hidden culture and it is ever so popular with tourists, mainly because it is cheap to travel to. The flight time from the UK is around 4 hours therefore it makes it a popular destination to visit for either a city break or a longer holiday. For us, we went for a week-long trip as it was my cousin's 21st birthday but here the tips I give you will work for either type of trip. Where We Stayed:


  • Virtual Pageants Celebrate Inclusivity & That's Why I Love Them

    With the world went virtual there has been certain pivots which created more opportunities for others to be involved. One space which we didn't even think of was the beauty pageant circuit. Hunyah Irfan shares her story of participating (and winning!) a few virtual international beauty pageants ...


  • Here's How I Spent 48 Fabulous Hours In Lille, France

    While we are all starting to travel, I have also started to do the same and being in Europe I am easily able to hop skip in jump around me for a quick getaway. So, I decided to spend a couple of days in gorgeous city called Lille in France. Here is what I did!  Lille is a stones throw a ...


  • The Dishes At Central London's Mumbai Square Will Make You Want Seconds

    Our global culinary journey now stops in Central London where underground you'll find ...


  • 4 Hot July 2022 Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

    Summer tech hits different! Check out our fave 4 tech gadgets that you need this July!   Casio G-Shock [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="348"] ...


  • 10 South Asian LGBTQIA+ Leaders Who Are Using Their Platform To Break Barriers

    As we conclude Pride Month, we take a closer look at prominent South Asian members of the LGTBQIA+ community who are using their global platform for good. Breaking barriers, starting conversations, and creating a space for support and inclusivity is what they are all about and we celebrate them ...


  • Ganapati Peckham Brings South Indian Flavours To South London

    We continue our culinary journey around the world and are thrilled to discover some amazing South Indian delicacies at Ganapati, which is located in the heart of South London. With an assortment of dosas, vegan curries boasting flavours including nutty okra with peanuts and green mango, spicy au ...


  • Sanaa: This African/Indian Restaurant Is Disney's Best Kept Secret In Orlando

    We love travelling the globe and getting to discover such culinary stops. This time we are in Orlando, Florida where we found Sanaa, an African/Indian fusion rest ...


  • Travel: How I Got The Most Of My Weekend In Marbella, Spain

    When it was my dad's birthday we decided that we should celebrate it in Marbella, Spain. Check out how I made my weekend in Marbella the most fun! Flying from the UK to a number of European cities is very doable over a weekend as flights are so frequent and quick. For this getaway I took ...


  • Pride Month 2022: This Glossary Will Teach You All The LGBTQIA+ Terms You Need To Know In 2022

    We continue to honour Pride Month with our latest story. Have you found yourself Googling all of the terms that are associated with LGBTQIA2S+? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. In order to help us all understand the right terminology that is very important to our LGBTQ community, here is a glos ...


  • Platinum Jubilee: How Relevant Is The Queen To South Asians?

    Her Majesty The Queen is marking her 70th Anniversary as the head of the British monarchy. An historical moment where the global eyes will turn to Buckingham Palace for a series of celebrations for the next three days. As we recognize this momentous occasion for the Queen, we can't ignore the fa ...


  • Pride Month 2022: A List Of 20 Global Resources To Help You Support Your Journey With Your LGBTQIA+ Loved Ones

    The 52nd Pride Month is upon us, and events are being planned far and wide to celebrate the progress of the LGBTQIA+ community and educate people about prevalent topics. And that had us thinking about our annual four stories that we usually do to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ loved ones. We felt that l ...


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