Fabulous Holiday Gifts For Kids

Every year we continue to celebrate South Asian businesses with our annual ANOKHI Holiday Gift Guide. Check out these cool gift giving ideas for the kids in your lives, all from South Asian companies!   Studio Coppre Brass Pretend 30-Piece Set [caption id="attachment_444045" align="


Why 'Heroin Chic' Is A Dangerous Trend For South Asians

We know that fashion is cyclical with past trends coming back in new forms. And that is evidenced by the fact that for the past couple of seasons the ‘90s have become all the rage. However, one particular (and dangerous) trend from that era has returned: Heroin Chic. This trend where waif-like body shapes (mimicking the skeletal appearance of heroin users) are starting to pop up and being seen as a style choice among some celebs and designe


Highlights From The South Asian Literature And Arts Festival (SALA)

The South Asian Literature And Arts Festival (SALA), which took place at the Montalvo Arts Center was the center point for South Asian global giants of literature and arts. From books to music, to art and cuisine, the 2-day festival themed "Humanity" had South Asian perspectives debated and analyzed thank


Ask Dr Monica Vermani: Her 5 Break Up Rules You Should Know

We are excited to launch our series where Dr. Monica Vermani answers questions about live, love and everything in between.  Dr. Monica Vermani  is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in treating trauma, stress and mood & anxiety disorders, and the founder of Start Living Corporate Wellness. She is a well-known speaker, columnist and advocate in the field of mental health and wellness. Her book, A Deeper Wellness, is


  • Roti Chai Is The Perfect Eatery To Hit Up While Christmas Shopping

    Roti Chai in London’s Marylebone neighbourhood is a great pit-stop during your Christmas shopping trip. Whether you want a quick hit of street food or want to relax with their full dining experience, Roti Chai is ready for you!  [caption id="attachment_443836" align="aligncenter" widt ...


  • I Loved Visiting This Quaint Town Of Bath

    There are many beautiful places in the United Kingdom to enjoy a staycation. One part of the UK that has lots to see and do is Bath in Somerset. We head to the quaint town of Bath where there are incredible Roman spas, gorgeous abbeys and of course one can not miss the Jane Austin Museum! So if ...


  • Indian Alley Brings Delhi's Iconic Roadside Eats To Camden Market

    Bringing the streets of Delhi to the streets of London, Indian Alley is based in Camden Market where the hustle and bustle of shoppers brings the same v ...


  • This Is Why Mauritius Is A Traveller's Dream

    Winter is very much on its way and as the weather gets cooler it may be time to book that trip of a lifetime to a hot country. And with that in mind I booked a ticket to Bollywood's favourite playground, Mauritius, which is indeed my happy place! And guess what the place is much more than the ic ...


  • "Making Happy" By Sheetal Seth Is The Book Kids Need When Their Parent Is Sick

    Author, actor and producer Sheetal Seth who has previously delved into the world of children's books with her “Anjali” series comes back with a poignant deeply personal picture book, “ ...


  • International Day Of The Girl: How Women Of The Sundarbans Are Saving Their Girls

    Today is International Day Of The Girl, and in that spirit, we focus on the women of Sundarbans of India. Located in South Bengal, the Sundarban area which hosts a vast mangrove forest has also suffered the worst of climate change. These women of the area are taking it upon themselves to tackle ...


  • The Murder Of Mahsa Amini: Will The Global Outcry Make A Difference?

    She was on a trip to see family and it was during a visit to a local market when she was approached by Iran’s notorious Guidance Patrol, a vice squad of the Law Enforcement Command of Islamic Republic of Iran. The Patrol also known as the "Morality Police" noticed that a small section of her h ...


  • South Asian Literature And Art Festival Is Bringing Together The Biggest Names In SA Lit And Here's Why You Need To Go

    It's back! After a two-year hiatus the Art Forum SF returns to bring to the masses and reuniting book and food and art lovers together with the 2022 South Asian Literature and Art (SALA) Festival in Saratoga, California. Here are all the details of this world-renowned festival taking place on th ...


  • Canada's Most Powerful Women Were Celebrated At The Women Empowerment Awards 2022

    It’s important that us women take that all important step when it comes to providing a platform to educate and support women that we can all succeed. And that is exactly the spirit that shifts The Women Empowerment Awards into the right gear. The sold-out gala celebrated an evening where women ...


  • It's All About The Home Cooked Veg Goodness At London's Ananda Bhavan

    We continue our global journey to restos representing all four corners of South Asia. This time we head to London's Ananda Bhavan, a pure vegetarian South Indian restaurant that prides itself on giving you a real taste of ...


  • What Exactly Is A NFT And Why We Need To Stop Ignoring It

    Blockchain and the digital commerce world are always looking to create various opportunities for global investment while taking advantage of the current metaverse pivot that a lot of the big tech companies are taking. This includes the combination of art and virtual with the various companies ac ...


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