Pakistan Fashion Week 9 London Gives Trend to Tradition

The popular runway show  showcased a unique collection of Pakistan's top designers.  The 9th edition of Pakistan Fashion Week (PFW) in London showcased the latest trends and takes on tradition in Asian designer wear from contemporary and resort collections to bridal and formal wear. The event had nuances of a fairytale: decadent, fantasy-inspired weddi


Travel Is A Great Way To Boost Your Brain

  People around the world yearn for escape every day to flee from their stresses and immerse themselves in another culture. It’s refreshing, but do you know about all the mental health benefits to be gained from travel? Boost your creativity.   “People who integrate a new culture into their identities are more creative in the long run,”


Who Handles The Finances Better? Men Or Women?

As the role of the family's money manager has evolved over the years, we take a closer look at who does a better job holding the money purse. Some of you may be thinking it’s time to stop competing and pitting the genders against each other. We couldn’t agree more. Traditionally, South Asian (and many other) cultures had men as the earners with women managing the household duties. As


Inside The Competitive World Of The South Asian DJ

The South Asian DJ scene can be a seductive, exhilirating and cutthroat business. We chat with a few accomplished spin-masters about the scene, the brand and if they're looking to be the next DeadMau5. Today, we have access to all the music in the world right at our fingertips.Touch a button, and we can hear any song from any producer or DJ spanning any era. Twenty years ago was a different story.  Twenty years ago, a DJ


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