SOLD The Movie: A Look At The Brutal Reality of Child Trafficking and The Sex Trade

SOLD chronicles the journey of a young girl from Nepal to India, as she is sold into the sex trade and fights for her own survival. The film is bold, brave and brutally delivers a message about a real-life situation that plagues millions around the world. A must watch! Based on true stories chronicled in Patricia McCormick's book of the same title, SOLD tells the story of Lakshmi, a young girl who jo


How To Handle Your Fears Of Rejection

Getting rejected can be the worst feeling. However, there are key ways to handle it so it doesn't feel like it's the end of the world.  Have you had your stomach overturn when someone has said "no" to you or even said that they no longer want to be in a relationship with you? This has happened at some point in everyone’s life and many times we have conditioned ourselves to v


The Ultimate Fighting Champion's Rise In South Asia

South Asia has tipped the popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Champion into overdrive. With that comes players and dealmakers. And The UFC noticed.    The Ultimate Fighting Championship (better known as the UFC) has gone through two popularity booms since its inception in 1994. We’re currently in the midst of the second one, thanks to the star power of


Model Daniel Wahab Chaudhry Breaks Taboos On The Runway And Beyond

Model Daniel Wahab Chaudhry gets up close and personal about diversity in the entertainment industry, the fashion inudstry as well as his recent role in The Witch.    Wonder what it would be like to have a conversation with a gorgeous male model? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Sure, I’ll be having daydreams for weeks about this eligible bachelor, but it was all worth


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