Publisher's Message, Summer 2013

I am as inspired and motivated by people’s life lessons as I am by personal experiences. As such, I’m an avid student of organic change because I believe that optimal living means exploring yourself and others. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a follower — I’m an actualizer. With that “type” ingrained within me, I ask myself now and again, one simple question that helps me tilt back to the path of my mak


Open Chest Interview with Noureen DeWulf

Noureen DeWulf is best known for her role as sexy therapy patient Lacey in Charlie Sheen’s hit TV comedy, Anger Management. The series premiered in June 2012 to astronomically high ratings, quickly followed by global syndication, catapulting DeWulf onto the world radar almost instantaniously. Born in New York City and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia,


Thoughts from the Editor-In-Chief, Summer 2013

Listen Closely A bacchanal-type feast of noises constantly bombards us during our waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours. It can be ringtones, buzzers, e-mail dings, IM pings, a breaking news anthem on the TV or the beats of our favourite song coming through our earbuds. A jungle of sound surrounds us. It can be seen as a general annoyance when we are trying to make a deadline as well as a welcome distraction when we are .


Q&A with Vani Hari, The Food Babe

She lit the foodie world on fire with her public plea for Kraft to remove the orange dye from their mac ‘n’ cheese dinners. We chatted with this formidable food warrior Vani Hari about organic living and battling the food lobbyists. Neera Chaudhary: What sparked your interest and passion for food and li


  • Neera’s Get The Dish

    Sizing Up Salads We predicted a shift towards a more plant-based diet earlier this year, and we’re certainly seeing the trend emerge. The new book by Mark Bittman, VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 ...


  • PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

    LAHORE, PAKISTAN PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week kicked off for the sixth year in Lahore, Pakistan. The Voile Show segment opened with the designs of Chen One, who presen ...


  • Karen David Weds Carl Ryden

    PALOS VERDES PENINSULA, U.S.A. On May 30th, the beautiful Canadian actress, singer and songwriter Karen David wed Swedish songwriter and music producer Carl Ryden at La Venta Inn, nestled in the hi ...


  • Fitness with Achal

    HoBo (Hollywood + Bollywood) A workout program combining the best of both worlds! When I was a kid watching Bollywood movies, the last thing I paid attention to was the six-pack abs on the actors and the toned arms on the actresses. Things have changed since then, and so has the wo ...


  • Guide To Understanding Sunburn

    What is Sunburn? Sunburn is literally burnt skin caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. Sunburn doesn’t discriminate between gender or skin colour. And although those with fair skin burn easier, everyone is susceptible. Characterized by reddening and inflammat ...


  • Kavita shows us how to let love in

    The Top Relationship Questions Asked by Women How do I choose between the bad boy and the nice guy? I’m trying to break my pattern of hooking up with bad boys. I’m on date number five with this really sweet guy who is smart and nice, and who takes care o ...


  • If The Shoe Fits

    The fairy tale story of a luxury shoe designer who designs footwear fit for a princess Aruna Seth grew up in Surrey, United Kingdom, playing with her mother’s shoes and testing out her father’s footwear brand on the playg ...


  • A Choice of Care

    More South Asians are going against the cultural norm and turning to seniors’ homes when it comes to care for their elders. When Rohan* and Tanya* first brought Rohan’s 65-year-old mother from India to New Jersey, she was very excited. Anu* spent her time taking care of her gr ...


  • Top 5 Unconventional Monsoon Escapes in India

    Add a special spark to your vacation with these unique getaways. Take an Active Vacation to Wayanad This is the destination for the entire family, including grandma and grandpa. Pradeep Murthy and R ...


  • A Whole New Ball Game

    The Elite Football League of India brings a quintessentially North American pastime to South Asia. At the end of the Elite Football League of India 2012 season, Roshan Lobo of the ...


  • Take Two

    Sometimes a career reboot is in order. Is changing your gears the right move for you? Careers, do they even exist anymore? Job market numbers remain stagnant, leaving very little room for growth for professionals who wish to e ...


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