Creators Of "Thirsty Suitors" Are Fixing The Lack Of South Asian Avatars In The Gaming World

When it comes to South Asian representation there is ample evidence that we are coming into our own on television, streaming, films, publishing, business, music and sports. But what about gaming? Chandana Ekanayake (aka "Eka"), co-founder and creative director of Seattle-based "indie game studio" Outerloop Games knew that the lack of South Asian representation was a problem in this highly lucrative and incredibly popular space. So, he and his


The Economic Collapse Of Sri Lanka: Here’s What You Should Know

Sri Lanka has been suffering its worst financial crisis in decade with millions struggling to buy food, fuel and medicine. Millions faced unemployment and raised frustrations through countless protests in the past few months reaching a crescendo in Colombo on the weekend when protesters breached security and invaded the residences of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe forcing them both to step down. We tak


Why Reetu Gupta Newly-Appointed Chairwoman of The Gupta Group, Wants Women To Believe In Their Wins

Reetu Gupta the newly appointed Chairwoman of The Gupta Group is one of the very few women in such a position in Canada. Breaking barriers in that respect, she also holds the position of Ambassadress of this family company which has made significant strides in real estate development, venture capital, hospitality and mining with over $1 billion CAD in assets. The two-time rec


Why Elon Musk's Twitter Grab Is Dangerous For Us Desis

When Elon Musk flirted with the idea about taking over Twitter one of his main talking points is the fact that he wanted to be sure that freedom of speech will not be compromised on the social platform. On paper that sounded logical. However, through his own actions Musk has publicly called out Twitter’s head of legal, Vijaya Gadde via, you guessed it Twitter which made her a target of unrelenting attacks by white nationalists and far right


  • South Asian Heritage Month 2022: 10 South Asians Shaking Up The Tech Space

    Welcome to South Asian Heritage Month 2022 edition! This month we have a 4-part series honouring South Asians who are making positive impacts across the board. We kick it all off with our look at 10 South Asians who are shaking up the tech space. Para ...


  • Taking A Closer Look At Presenteeism — When You're At Work But Not Really There

    The idea of abseentism has been stealing the headlines as of late. One of the forms of absenteeism is presenteeism. When you do show up for work, but you aren't really there. We take a closer look at this increasing problem in the workplace.  “What gets measured, gets managed.” This ...


  • Rohit Bhargava Dissects The Authentic Way We Can Expand Our Perspectives In His Latest Book "Beyond Diversity"

    A Wall Street Journal best-seller, authors innovation and marketing expert Rohit Bhargava and writer, researcher Jennifer Brown's latest book Beyond Diversity: 12 Non-Obvious Ways To Build A More Inc ...


  • Our 2021 Roundup: How Two Sisters Used TikTok To Launch Glow Away SKIN During The Pandemic

    Sisters Umama & Urusa Ahmed were both busy with their respective career and academic journey — then the pandemic hit. They've both dreamed of launching a skincare line and just like life does, the COVID curve ball gave them an opportunity to do exactly that. Thanks to their TikTok video go ...


  • Our 2021 Roundup: Speak Up! These Are The Reasons Women Need To Talk To Their Friends About Their Money

    When it comes to money we are quick to change the topic. However when planning your financial security it's always a great idea to gather your trusted friends and chat. Dilys D'Cruz is Vice President and Head of Wealth Management of ...


  • Holiday Gift Guide 2021: 6 Gifts For The Home Office

    We continue our Holiday Gift Guide 2021 with some smart ideas for the office. Whether it's at home or at a new work space, these gifts (all from South Asian companies!) are perfect for the mover and shaker.    ...


  • Key Tips To Help With Team Cohesion At The Workplace

    Fostering team cohesion in today’s shifting and changing workplace is key. Renowned industrialist Andrew Carnegie describes teamwork as “…the ability to work together toward a com ...


  • Two Sisters Tell Us How They Went From Social To A Store With Little Sister Baking

    Entering the food business is always a risky choice. Especially during such economically trying times. However Akash Swar a Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef, decided to satisfy her cravings for Mumbai street food by giving it a twist: she married her training in European baking with her favourite ...


  • Mindful Ways To Prepare Yourself For Your Move Back To The Office

    Now that the world is looking beyond the pandemic, companies are also looking ahead when it comes to reopening their offices and bringing back their staff. Even though that change was expected, shifting back to the office after working from him for a year and a half can be mentally stressful. He ...


  • Luxury Realtor Sahil Punni Of Homelife G1 Realty Tells You What To Expect In A Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market

    When it comes to this fast moving space, separating fact from fiction is important especially when you are looking to make the biggest purchase of your life. This is where award-winning realtor, Sahil Punni of Homelife G1 ...


  • The High Cost of Unwellness: Mental Health Issues In The Workplace Is Costing Us More Than You Think

    Once you’ve seen it, it’s a number you can never unsee: mental health issues cost the Canadian economy a whopping $6 billion a year in lost productivity. With COVID-19 leaving employees more stressed than ever, today’s workplaces are facing a mental health crisis of epic proportions. Dr. M ...


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