New App For Meditation Catches Up In Hollywood!

Stars like Emma Watson and Samantha Barks are so pumped about Headspace. It's easy, fast, effective and on the go.   That's why this app is so right on! How many of us find it difficult to fi


Facebook Leak Of 6 Million Users May Be More Serious Than Anticipated!

A Facebook “bug” leaked the private personal contact information of 6 million Facebook users, and this disaster appears to be worse than they first thought. Social networking sites have always been controversial in the realm of public vs private access, and typically there are measures to take to avoid any unwanted viewing of the personal information one puts up onto Facebook,


Sony Introduces A New Android-Powered Smart Watch

With wristwatches gradually becoming obsolete due to the younger generation relying on their smartphones alone, the Sony Smart Watch 2 is the perfect alternative.  At Shanghai’s Mobile Asia Expo this Tuesday Sony unveiled the Sony Smart Watch 2, which is designed as a second


Apple Reveals Redesigned Mac Pro Desktop Computer

The new Apple Mac Pro will have a radical new design.  Apple, known for its bold experiments with computer design, has come up with a radically re-imagined Mac Pro that departs from the venerable, boxy design of the typical desktop personal computer tower. With a sleek curved design, the new black Mac Pro is miles apart from the old blocky, silver Mac Pro towers, as well as being tiny in comparison -- o


  • BlackBerry To Launch BBM On Android And iOS This Summer

    To say BlackBerry has been falling off the map of popular mobile devices would be putting it nicely. Androids and iPhones are the must have communication device for those of all ages and BlackBerry has yet to upgrade or jump on board of the Android or iOS coattails until now. ...


  • 9 Year Old, Tanmay Bakshi, Develops App For iPhone

    Tanmay Bakshi, of Brampton, Canada has created something no other 9 year old has done. He has created an app for Apple iPhones, and has instantly become an ele ...


  • Virtual Reality Gaming Made Possible By The Oculus Rift

    Early concept of Oculus Rift developer kit. Actual product will look different. Want in on the cutting edge of virtual reality for video ga ...


  • The benefits IIFA Will Bring To Toronto.

    IIFA has grown from ‘One Amazing Night’ to a three-day Weekend, which celebrates and hosts various events and activities. While committed to its obj ...


  • President And Founder Of Genesis Life Sciences And Of Divya Wines: Chris Achar

    L.A. native Chris Achar is the president and founder of pharmaceutical company Genesis Life Sciences, which focuses on the development of generic drugs. This half Chinese half Indian hunk has another passion shared with his f ...


  • Brains Behind Exclusively.In: Sunjay Guleria

    The brains behind the rapidly growing website is Sunjay Guleria. This relatively new portal offers quality Indian products from fashion, lifestyle and travel. In its first five months, the website pulled in a whopping 50,000 new members ...


  • Regional V.P. Of The FOUR SEASONS Hotels And Resorts, RADHA ARORA Is An ANOKHI 2011 Sexy n Successful.

    Radha Arora is ANOKHI’s sexy and successful hotel connoisseur. Married with two sons and living in Bel Air,Arora has been the Vice President for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts ...


  • New Media: New Rules

    Secrets Revealed from the FGI-LA Panel for Cultivating Your Fashion Brand with Social Networking. Fashion Group International’s award-winning Los Angeles Chapter heeded the call of ...


  • Remembering Alexander McQueen

    As I am toiling away at the computer my mobile rings. I'm immediately notified at the sudden demise of "General Lee" designer, (Lee) Alexander McQueen who at the age of ...


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