Tips On How To Communicate With Your Partner During Challenging Times

Every couple hits a rough patch. That's when tempers are short, tolerance seems to have lowered, and you feel that you aren't listened to. This is where focusing on your communication skills is vitally important. Here are key tips on how to communicate with your partner, even when you just don't want to.  As mentioned in our earlier post this month,


Veeraswamy Showcases Their Regal Heritage Through Cuisine In London

Veeraswamy has a Regal heritage from 1926 and it stays in line with this through its food and decor. Based in the heart of Piccadilly on the world-famous Regent's Street in central London, Veeraswamy uses only the finest ingredients that give the food a royal feel. It was opened by an ex-retired British army officer called Edward Palmer and is one of


We Tell You Why "Brown Girl Like Me" By Jaspreet Kaur Is Book We've Been Waiting For

Noted award-winning author, speaker and academic Jaspreet Kaur realized that there needs to be a book —"toolkit" as she calls it— to help the future generations of South Asian women navigate various obstacles that are usually put forth in front of us. She tackles hot button topics including mental heal


A Checklist To Show You If You Need A Therapist

As a clinical psychologist, people ask me this a lot. Of course, as with all complex questions, there’s no simple answer. What I can say is that we are all at once, perfect and a work in progress! We all have good days and bad days, and most of the time, we can enjoy the good days and we get through and somehow figure out how to manage the bad ones. But sometimes, we do tend to struggle more than usual or feel overwhelmed by life. We can ev


  • How To Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You

    We all have thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, prevent us from realizing our full potential, and impede our happiness and success. Let’s look at how to let go of the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us! Dr. Monica Vermani is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in t ...


  • East African Fusion Fare Tempts The Palate At London's Purple Flame

    We continue our culinary journey taking a look at various restos and this time we make a pit stop at Purple Flame. This family-friendly restaurant based in North-West London captures the East African-Indian fusion vi ...


  • The Hottest February 2022 Tech Gadgets That You Need Now

    Step into this new month with the latest and greatest in tech!   Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 [ca ...


  • Need To Let Off Steam? Here's Why Sweat Lodges and Saunas are Hot Ways to Connect with Your Health in 2022

    There's nothing like letting off some solid steam. And doing just that has become one of the biggest wellness trends out there. And that's why the spending time in traditional sweat lodges, dry saunas and infrared saunas are boasting big benefits for the mind body and soul. What are there? What ...


  • You Need To Stop Postponing Your Happiness

    We’ll be happy when we land that dream job, find the perfect partner, move into our dream house, have enough money to retire… Many people place conditions on being happy, but the reality is that happiness is not about having, achieving, acquiring, or arriving. Happiness is a choice. And we c ...


  • Bell Let's Talk Day: How To Be Your Own Best Friend

    In the spirit of Bell Let's Talk Day we are taking a closer look at how you can look inwards and examine what's right for you for the benefit of your mental health.  Are there times when you wonder whether the choices you’ve made are right for you? Do you find yourself acting in ways that hid ...


  • This Is How We Can Learn From The Obstacles We Face

    We all have good days when everything seems to go as planned, and bad days, when unforeseen issues or problems show up to throw us off course. When we begin to look at these obstacles and the challenges they present as valuable lessons, our problems take on a whole new meaning. Dr. M ...


  • 4 Hot January 2022 Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

    Step into the new year with these all new epic releases with these hot January 2022 tech gadgets! ...


  • This Why We Need To Stop Taking Things So Personally

    In taking what others say and do personally, we needlessly diminish and exhaust ourselves by giving negativity a place to fester and grow. Let’s look at what happens when we let the actions and words of others in, and what happens when we stop taking everything personally! Dr. Monica V ...


  • Our 2021 Roundup: Is It Time To Cancel The Catholic Church For Their Role In Canada's Residential Schools?

    Update: Since we ran this story on June 9th, in the light of the tragic discovery of 215 children in unmarked graves in Kamloops, there has since been a national outcry from the local, provincial and federal levels to investigate the other grounds of former residential schools a ...


  • Our 2021 Roundup: Here's How To Make Our Faith Bigger Than Our Fear

    In uncertain times, such as the current protracted global COVID-19 crisis, fears and anxieties can run rampant. And no wonder! Not knowing what the future holds, our anxieties around what lies ahead may leave us doubting our ability to cope. Dr. Vermani explores how we can strive to make our fai ...


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