This Is What You Need To Know About Personal Chemistry

Finding that undefinable spark with a new partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We don’t know how to describe it or how we’ll find it, but we’re certain we’ll know it when it comes along. Let’s look at the laws of attraction and explore what personal chemistry truly is. What draws us to others? And what should we be looking for when we want a relationship that will stand the test of time? Dr. Monica Vermani is


4 Hot Sept 2021 Back To School Tech Gadgets That You Need Now

Back to school means new tech releases from some epic brands!   Samsung Galaxy A52 5G [caption id="attachment_440030" align="aligncenter" width="471"]


Swipe Right If Vaxxed? Tips On How To Navigate The New Dating World

If you online dated during the pandemic or are resurfacing now curious to see what's out there, the new normal is something to consider. With vaccinations rolling out, platforms are starting to include vaccination status in their profiles. What if the person you want to swipe on hasn't listed theirs? Here are tips on how to navigate the new world of dating, vaxxed or not.  With the world reopening, many of us single folks are ever-so


Step Back In Time With Partition Era Cuisine At 1947 London

We continue our dine-in and takeaway culinary tour and now we visit 1947 London.  Based in the West End, 1947 London brings you authentic Indian food taking you back to the era of 1947 India and the partition. This high-end re


  • This Is How To Stop Numbing Your Feelings And Let Go Of Past Hurts

    Life is a series of experiences. Some make us feel loved, appreciated, supported, and capable. These we label as good. Those experiences we label as bad fill us with shame, fear, anger, envy or dread, and leave us feeling, defeated, abandoned, unloved, and alone. Rather than process and let go o ...


  • Your Schemas: Understanding Maps Of Information We Create Throughout Our Lives

    We’ve all got them. We use them every day. We revise and make new ones all the time. Some of them help us, and some of them do more harm than good. Let’s explore schemas, how they work for us, how they sometimes get in the way, and what we can do to keep our schemas working for, rather than ...


  • Stop Selling Yourself Short By Getting Rid Of Your Self-Limiting Thoughts

    Often, without realizing it, we are our own worst enemies. We believe that we’re not smart enough, attractive enough, or worthy of what we want most in life. By understanding where our self-limiting beliefs come from and recognizing their negative impacts on our lives, we can start to overcome ...


  • Want Some Paan Ice Cream? Scooperb In London Has The Best Ice Cream Treats

    We continue to explore various dine-in and takeaway treats with a question: Do you love ice cream and desserts? Do you love trying ...


  • 4 Hot Tech Gadgets That Are Out This August 2021

    Get ready for the most epic tech gadgets releases for the month!   Fitbit Luxe [caption id="attachment_439741" align="aligncenter" width="719"] ...


  • Exploring The Power Of Compassion

    Challenging times can make for some very trying encounters. It’s when the going gets tough that the true value of having compassion for others comes into sharp focus. Compassion is more than a thought, it’s action. Dr. Monica Vermani looks at the game-changing value of compassion, and explor ...


  • Fool-Proof Recipes For 3 Easy-To-Bake Desi Treats

    Sometimes all baking needs is a handful of ingredients, a blender and a few minutes. Check out the following 3 easy-to-bake Desi treats that are perfect for any time of day or night!  Cinnamon Cardamom Walnut Oat Cake [caption id="a ...


  • Karim Nanji Of Marble Financial Tells Why You Need To Get A Handle On Your Covid-Debt Before Its Too Late

    With the global economy opening up, this is the time to do a financial reset. Even though certain expenses may have gone down due to lockdown, there is a surprising increase of COVID-related debt happening across all major economies. Karim Nanji CEO of Marble Financial shares tips on how to get ...


  • The Value Of Understanding How Others Can Reveal Who We Really Are

    We all have aspects of ourselves that are hidden to us, weaknesses, unresolved issues, and challenges buried deep. The people we meet as we move through life, hold up mirrors that reflect back to us who we are. Dr. Monica Vermani explains that when we understand how to truly see what others reve ...


  • Naan Nachos, BBQ Naan S'Mores & More — Fire Up That BBQ For These Fab Desi Treats

    Grilling up a storm is easy with this two-pronged approach: prong 1 — compound butters and prong 2 — easy prep foods on the grill. Enjoy these tasty compound butters and some amazing Desi BBQ treats!  Chili Citrus Compound Butter ...


  • My Multiple Sclerosis Journey: Three Ways I've Enhanced My Wellness Routine

    You may have read my story about my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. Since then, I have been on a mission to find (and stick to) spe ...


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