Looking For Love? These Desi Dating Apps May Just Be For You!

Finding love online can be overwhelming. In the spirit of Valentine's Day we have rounded up some of the more interesting Desi dating apps that are out there so you can get your swiping started!  It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. For some, Valentine’s Day is the gift that keeps on giving as they indulge the showers of chocolate, flowers and romance in their lives. 


Recipes For Romance: 3 Ways To Give Your Valentine's Day Dinner A Delicious Desi Twist

Creating the perfect romantic feel for Valentine's Day doesn’t need to cost a lot or require a ton of effort. A simple, thoughtful meal will show your partner how much you care. However when it comes to South Asian food sometime we aren't quite sure what to serve to strike the mood. Here are 3 ways to give your Valentine's dinner a delicious Desi twist with these recipes for romance!  Picnic Whether it's cold o


It's Okay To Be Alone: Why Solitude Is Good For The Soul

While the world seem to be pairing up around us and we celebrate all that is love, it's also important to remember that self-love is just as important, if not more so. Here are reasons why solitude is good for the soul and why it's okay to be alone!  “If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone" Maxwell Maltz. Despite the logic and truth in this quote, why does there still seem to be hesitation around being alone? Re


My Soul-Enriching Experience At The Sivananda Yoga Ashram In The Bahamas

I decided to check out the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas with little expectations. It was an experience I didn't know that my soul needed.  When I decided to attend the Sivananda Yoga Ayurveda Symposium (in the Bahamas), I went with minimal expectations and an open-mind. I only hoped to learn a few things about Ayurveda, do some yoga,


  • Hot February 2020 Tech Gadgets That You Need Now

    Maximize your tech skills with these super cool February 2020 tech gadgets that are out there now! Jabra Elite Active 75t [caption ...


  • Tips On How To Embrace The New Decade With Positive Energy

    Ready, set, positive mindset!?! We traditionally wish people a Happy New Year but how do action one for ourselves? Read on for tips on how to bring in the new year and new decade with positive energy. Every year millions of people make New Year Resolutions, with some of the most popular ...


  • It's Time To Recognize That Depression Is a Serious Problem For Us

    Mental illness is a topic that cannot be taboo; over 94 million people in India suffer with depression and/or anxiety. With today being Bell Let’s Talk Day, we are encouraging everyone to join the conversation on mental illness. Read on for tips on how you can show support today (and beyo ...


  • Game On! Feed Your Super Bowl Fans These Delish Desi-Inspired Bites

    The Super Bowl is right around the corner (Sunday Feb 2nd!) and it’s all about the game, great company and amazing snacks. The recipes below are a quick way to add a South Asian kick to the spread before kickoff. Check out recipes for some delish Desi-inspired bites! T ...


  • Kutir Celebrates India's Wildlife Culinary Heritage In The Heart Of Chelsea UK

    We love to check out cool restaurants and bring our experiences to you. This time, we jetted off to Chelsea UK to Kutir. Co ...


  • Pantone Colour Of The Year 2020: Brighten Up Your Haveli With These Classic Blue Touches

    Every year we look forward to Pantone's latest colour announcement. Pantone Colour Of The Year 2020, Classic Blue is ...


  • January 2020 Hot Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

    New year is the best time to give your gadgets style a fresh upgrade! Here's a look at the January 2020 hot tech gadgets out now!   ...


  • 2. Why The Priyanka 'Hypocrite' Story Just Won't Go Away

     The shelf life of the Priyanka Chopra Jonas "Hypocrite" debacle may be beyond its expiration date. But judging by social media, it's not going anywhere, anytime soon.  We wanted to wait and see it all play out. Now it's time to enter the discussion. It was four (long) days ago that ...


  • 7. Trudeau In Brownface Scandal: Should We Forgive Him?

    Update: Before this was schedule to post this morning, it has been revealed that in addition to him appearing in brownface that first came out last night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore blackface twice before. Once in high school (which he admitted to during his press conference last night) ...


  • 10. Actioning Abundance: Mindful Ways To Bring Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Abundance Into Your Life

    Actioning Abundance is a hot topic these days, linked to happiness and trending with topics like “growth mindset” but what exactly does it mean on a mental, emotional and spiritual level? Read on for advice on how to attract and action abundance into your life.   W ...


  • ANOKHI Life Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Coolest Ethnic Decor Ideas For Gifting

    Holidays at home are a cozy and wonderful time — it’s also a great option for gifting to new homeowners, hosts/hostesses or as a neutral gift in a gift exchange or swap. Check out our ANOKHI Life Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for the coolest ethnic decor ideas for gifting all from cool South Asian ...


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