ANOKHI Life Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Be "Present" With These Mindful South Asian-Inspired Gifts

'Tis the season to be jolly … and stressed, yes?! Busy streets, schedules and hectic crowds can make seasonal shopping challenging but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out and be "present" with our ANOKHI Life Holiday Gift Guide 2019 loaded with mindful holiday gifts from South Asian entrepreneurs so you can shop stress-free while giving you an opportunity to consciously support the community! 


Hot December Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

Here are some tech releases that are sure to spice up the end of your year whether you are gift giving or want something all for yourself! Check out these hot December tech gadgets that you need now!  Macbook Pro 16” [caption id="at


Gifts For Your Family & Friends Abroad That Won't Break The Bank!

When it comes to this time of year we usually split up our holiday shopping into two categories. The official Christmas shopping and the shopping we do when we're visiting family abroad which usually happens over winter break or early in the New Year!. As we haven't officially started our Christmas shopping (keep your eye on this space for our official Holiday Gift Guide!) this is the perfect time to focus on the latter with our list of gifts


Holiday Hot Spots: Rediscover These South Asian Cities This Winter

In this world where Instagram is ripe and we are all looking for our next social media-worthy post, we often forget South Asia as a travel destination. Sure, we got family to visit but that doesn't mean you can't carve out some tourist time for yourself and really check out these holiday hot spots? So go ahead and rediscover these South Asian cities this winter!   Islamabad, Pakistan


  • Getting Inspired: Our 5 Fave Speakers From Elevate Tech Fest 2019

    Toronto's leading tech fest, Elevate 2019 brought the industry's movers and shakers to the city in a packed three-day festival. We took it all in and came with our fave 5 moments!  There was much to ponder and plenty of innovation and ideas on show at the ...


  • Our Exclusive Look: Porsche Ignites The Auto World With Their Fully Electric Taycan

    The long awaited world premiere of the Porsche Taycan — the German company's fully electric automobile took place in Niagara Falls on a warm fall day. Pre-orders are already in motion as it prepares to hit the market in Spring 2020. And coming from a family of Porsche lovers, it was great to w ...


  • Indian National Congress's first transgender office-bearer, Apsara Reddy with children.

    Apsara Reddy, India Congress' First Transgender National General Secretary & Her Dreams For LGBTQI Rights In India

    Apsara Reddy is breaking barriers as the first transwoman to be the national general secretary in the oldest party in India, the Indian National Congress. In our exclusive one-on-one chat she shares with us her journey to politics, when she realized she was in the wrong body and fighting for LGB ...


  • Make Your Place Smarter With These Cool AI Accessories For The Home

    Staying connected has become second nature to those of us who are attached to our devices, whether its social media, the immediate access to information, or using connectivity to keep an eye your home, technology and security is literally at your fingertips. Check out how you can make your home ...


  • Why We Should Never Forget India’s SuperMom & Political Powerhouse Sushma Swaraj

    When she passed away this summer we immediately felt a certain absence in the global space. Sushma Swaraj was a mighty figure and we wanted to take some time out to properly recognize how this Supermom shifted the sands of Indian diplomacy through her feminist philosophies and using social media ...


  • Hot November Tech Gadgets That You Need Now!

    November is the month for huge tech releases from the biggest tech brands out there! Check out these hot November tech gadgets that you need now!    ...


  • Mississauga's Square One Glittered With The Premiere Of Their Own Diwali Market

    Square One, one of the biggest neighbourhood hubs in Mississauga decided to shine bright with their first Diwali Market! Check out the highlights here!    [caption id="attachment_428625" align="aligncenter" width="742"] ...


  • A Chat With Human Rights Activist & Bangladeshi Journalist Shahidul Alam On His Battle For Freedom To Dissent

    Human rights activist and journalist Shahidul Alam sat down with us to chat about the current crisis of dissent in Bangladesh. His detention and torture, being strategic when calling out truth to power and what "elections" really mean to him.  Shahidul Al ...


  • A Novel Idea: The Jaipur Literature Festival Comes To Toronto With A Glam 3 Day Event

    As part of their years-long global outreach by creating various international versions of The Jaipur Literature Festival, for the first time ever, the team at JLF brought their literary magic to Canada. The very first Jaipur Literature Festival in Toronto was a booming success as it featured thr ...


  • Save Your Money & The Environment With These Cool Eco-Friendly Home Accessories

    Minimizing our carbon footprint has become headline news with all the changes in the environment and products have been hitting shelves to help us with ...


  • A Healing Tool Or A Marketing Myth: Is Reiki For Real?

    Reiki, energy healing and chakras, oh my! All words that continue to trend as the importance of holistic health continues to gain traction but is reiki really a helpful practice? Or is it just a marketing ploy part that’s part of the multi-million-dollar wellness industry? Read on to learn mor ...


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