Teach Them The Value Of Stillness With These 3 Mindful Books For Toddlers

Mindfullness techniques benefits not only adults but it also helps kids too. With the challenging world and external stressors that kids these days are facing here are three mindful books for toddlers which may be just what they need. Did you know approximately 267 babies are born around the world each m


Guacamole Pani Puri & More: Give Your Vday Dinner A Desi Tapas Twist With These 7 Crazy Delicious Pani Puri Recipes

Want to give your Vday dinner a bit of a sizzle? Add this Desi tapas twist. It's quick, easy and perfect for a romantic dinner on that special night. Forget oysters, pani puri is where the real romance is found.  Valentine's Day is around the corner and one big concern is food. Takeout can always be an option — but we suggest you take it a notch higher and get as Desi as possible. How about a charcuterie board with a Desi twist? We


Indian Farmers Go Viral With Support From Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, Rupi Kaur & Lilly Singh

With celebs like Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, Rupi Kaur and Lilly Singh going viral for their support for the farmers, I needed to dig deeper. So, I asked noted former journalist and Professor Avinash Singh, Vice-Chancellor Emeritus of University of Technology and Management to help unravel the many layers of this #FarmersProtest movement and what went down at India’s iconic Red Fort. As reported in


A Timeless Ritual: Why Is Burning Sage All The Rage?

All over social media, we see pictures of people burning beautiful bundles of sage. It may be part of the new-age, spiritual movement but the tradition is not new. Read on for tips on how to respectfully honor its origins and explore some potential benefits. Sage comes in several varieties and belongs to the plant family Salvia, a word derived from the Latin word salvere, which means “to heal.” When it comes to burning sa


  • 4 Hot Tech Gadgets That Are Out This February 2021

    Check out these latest tech gadgets that are primed to warm up your February!  iPad [caption id="attachment_437485" align="aligncenter" width="798"] ...


  • How I've Been Taking Care Of My Mental Health Since My MS Diagnosis

    In the spirit of Bell Let's Talk Day I thought this was the perfect time to share my personal mental health journey as someone who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis. Here is my journey as a MS warrior.  It all started with my foot dropping, which would happen after walking for abo ...


  • My Takeout Treat From [email protected]: North Indian Cuisine With A Brit Twist

    Even though with the various stages of lockdown has eliminated the fine dining options for the time being, we still want to highlight South Asian ...


  • 4 Hot Tech Gadgets That Are Out This January 2021

    Step into the new year with some incredible new tech gadgets that were just released this January!    ...


  • It's Okay To Be Alone: Why Solitude Is Good For The Soul

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020. We looked at the value of self-love and solitude especially in today's highly-connected world of #couplesgoals.  While the world seem to be pairing up around us and we celebrate all that is love, it's also important ...


  • Why Isn't Our Desi Community Ready To Accept South Asian Lesbians?

    We continue our holiday series Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020, by asking why our Desi community is so hesitant to accept South Asian lesbians.  With Pride Month coming to a close, we conclude our LGBTQIA+ - focused stories with our final and most poignant piece. We ...


  • Reality Check: My West Indian Heritage Doesn't Make Me Any Less Indian

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020, with own Geeta Wahab who gets candid about her growing up as Guyanese, Indo-Canadian and why it's important for her to reclaim her Indian heritage.  The idea of doubting someone's Indian identity especially for thos ...


  • #BlackLivesMatter Needs The Right South Asian Ally

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020, by examining key ways in which we can become better allies to our Black brothers and sisters.  We are witnessing a pivotal point in civil rights history. The Black Lives Matter movement continues to grow in strength ...


  • Tips On How To Embrace The New Decade With Positive Energy

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020. With the new year upon us, this is a great time to reflect on some positivity.   Ready, set, positive mindset!?! We traditionally wish people a Happy New Year but how do action one for ourselves? Read on for tips o ...


  • South Asian Herstory: Why Kamala Harris Is The Risky Choice That This Election Needs

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020 with Kamala Harris being the first woman of colour to be chosen as the Vice Presidential candidate and the history she made.   Barriers and ceilings are all broken with ...


  • COVID-19: Are We The Virus? The (Much) Cleaner Earth Breathes In New Life Thanks To The Global Lockdown

    We continue our holiday series: Our #ICYMI Stories Of 2020. Here, on Earth Day, we examined how the world was able to breathe during the global COVID-19 lockdown and whether we were the culprits.  Ever since the citizens of the earth has gone into lockdown the climate has be ...


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