4 Hot Tech Gadgets That Are Out This July 2021

Enjoy some amazing new tech gadgets just released by top brands!   Google Pixel Buds A-Series   [caption id="attachment_439349" align="aligncenter" width=


These Are The Reasons Why It's Important To Balance Grief & Gratitude

When it comes to human nature, sometimes it can be a challenge to balance grief and gratitude. With the current state of news, grief may want to completely take over, but it's really important for the sake of your mental health to be able to recognize and celebrate with some gratitude. Here are the reasons why it's important to balance grief and gratitude.  As much as we wish we could all merrily row, row, row our boat through life,


Cumin Crusted Chicken & More: These Recipes Will Bring Our Favourite Spices To Life

South Asia is synonymous with spices and it’s easy to create colourful, flavourful dishes with medleys of spices but sometimes it’s nice to whip up a dish that features one spice and just let it shine. Cardamom Crinkle Cookies [caption id="attachment_439292" align="aligncenter" width="350"]


These Are The 7 Ways You Can Get A Good Night's Sleep

 In our over-scheduled and over-stimulated lives, not getting enough sleep is the least of our worries. More often than not, it’s the first thing we sacrifice when we’re faced with looming deadlines, anxiety, unexpected demands, or tasks. What’s the big deal? We’ll catch up later, right? Not so! Let’s explore the importance of sleep and game-changing strategies to help you get a good night’s rest.  Dr. Monica V


  • It's Important To Understand The Power of Saying "No"

    Many times, we find ourselves saying yes when we wish we could say no … to a request for help from a family member, friend, or colleague. No matter how big the imposition or request — or how much it impacts our plans, monopolizes our time, or drains our energies —we struggle sometimes with ...


  • A Mindful Guide To Understanding The Grieving Process

    When it comes to grief, it can come in many forms. It can manifest itself differently depending on the person and circumstance. Grief can also stay and linger or it can come and go. There's no doubt it's a very heavy time, so we have put together a mindful guide on how to understand the gr ...


  • Check Out These Father's Day Recipes That Any Desi Dad Will Love!

    Whether you are doing a socially distanced drop-off, or going all in with a family meal in your bubble, this Father's Day, give your dad a hearty and delicious feast with these amazing recipes with a Desi twist!    Massaged Kale Salad ...


  • PRIDE 2021 Special: Let Me Tell You My Trans Journey From Female To Male & How That Has Affected My Desi Family

    *We posted this story to celebrate International Transgender Day Of Visibility. We feel this perspective is so important that we decided to share it again with our global audience as part of our PRIDE 2021 Special. We head to South Africa where ...


  • This Is Why Malala Won't Marry Your Son

    The religious sect of Pakistani society has been condemning Malala Yousafzai's progressive stance on marriage, in her latest interview with British Vogue. The uproar acc ...


  • 4 Hot Tech Gadgets That Are Out This June 2021

    Here are some new tech gadgets fresh on the market and creating quite a buzz!   iPad Pro [caption id="attachment_439000" align="aligncenter" width="649"] ...


  • Let It Out Because These Are The Reasons Why Crying Is Good For You

    When it comes to our culture sometimes showing emotions and even crying may be seen as a sign of fragility and weakness. However when it comes to your wellness and most importantly for your mental health, letting out a good cry is far more beneficial than keeping it all locked in. These are the ...


  • PRIDE 2021 SPECIAL: 10 LGBTQ+ Voices That We Need To Listen To 

    To kick off Pride 2021 we put together our global list of 10 personalities, thought leaders and activists who have raised the profile of being South Asian members of the LGBTQ+ community. It's time to make notes and to really listen.  Since the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, June has been ...


  • South Asian Heritage Month 2021: #Reclaimingmyname — We Need To Stop Mispronouncing Our Name For The Benefit Of Others

    Actress Thandie Newton made headlines when she declared that she was going back to her name as originally intended — Thandiwe. Then journalist Neetu Garcha from Global BC released a segment about how she has been deliberately mispronouncing her name for the convenience of others. Inspired by t ...


  • Part Two: What Goes Up Must Come Down: Conquering The Cycle Of Panic

    In the conclusion of this 2-part series, Dr. Monica Vermani examined how the cycle of anxiety and panic builds over time, with negative memories fuelling anticipatory anxiety, which in turn can lead to full-on panic attacks. Here, she explores how high anxiety, fea ...


  • Part One: What Goes Up Must Come Down — Understanding & Navigating The Cycle Of Panic

    In this two-part feature, Dr. Monica Vermani C. Psych, Clinical Psychologist will explore the cycle of panic. What it looks like, how it plays out, how to navigate feared or dreaded situations, and how we can conquer our most dreaded scenarios.  Dr. Monica Vermani is a Clinical Psycholo ...


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